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Motorail Trains in Europe

By Martin Theodor Ludwig

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Introduction to Time Tables
Signs and abbreviations
Origin, Destination
Days of Operation
Loading Time
Sleeping/Dining Car

This summary translates starting page and introduction (Vorwort und Benutzungshinweise and Einleitung zum Tabellenteil). The map and list of all terminals and the time tables are kept bilingual German and English resp. are understandable regardless of the language. The remaining parts, as general information for preparing motorail journeys and what's-new-lists, are available in German only (sorry for the inconvenience).

Introduction: Motorail trains are offering the possibility to take along cars (or depending on the route also motorcycles) by train in special wagons. Passengers are traveling in the same (or a simultaneous) train. Many trains are running during nighttime and have sleeping cars and couchettes (thus sometimes they are titled as car sleeper trains - however, there are trains running during daytime as well) and covering up to 1600 kilometers.

This survey wants to show all known and sometimes very manifold routes of motorail trains in Europe. The detailed data was compiled from railways' publications, with supplementary investigations by the author. Some of the author's motorail journey reports can be found at his personal home page.

Your comments to this pages are welcome and appreciated by e-mail to the author (this address is given as well on every sub-page).

Recommendations to use this site

Introduction to Time Tables

Signs and abbreviations that are used throughout the time tables can be found in a separate section.

General: Details like times and prices are subject to (mostly minor) changes. They can be obtained resp. confirmed from the booking office.

Origin, Destination: In some big cities there is more than one motorail terminal. If the passengers' train does not leave at the terminal itself, transfers by bus or shuttle trains (in rare cases merely taxi) will be provided.

Days of Operation: The indicated days are referring to the train's loading time. In case of night trains the arrival is one (or sometimes two) days later.

On Dec. 24/25 and Dec. 31/Jan. 1 many (but not all) trains are cancelled. If they don't operate daily without that, there are normally additional departures within a few days before resp. after. The latter is applying analogously to the Easter weekend for non-daily trains. During Christmas / New Year and Easter exceptions to regular days of departure are not indicated. Exceptions for other public holidays are indicated by an asterisk (*) following the operating day in the respective month.

Loading Time: until this time the vehicles must have shown up and be ready for loading at the terminal of departure. With any vehicle not being a regular-sized car (with metallic roof, without trailer, and without outside luggage) an earlier show-up is mandatory (or at least recommended).

Arrival: until unloading the vehicles it normally takes approx. 30 to 60 more minutes (sometimes longer).

Sleeping/Dining Car: indication (if data are available) if offered in the respective train.

Prices: all prices are given in Euros per single journey. According to date and route there are up to three (sometimes even more) different price levels (often fixed for every route and every operating day individually) that can't be shown in a closed survey. For some more details see the section Countries' Particularities (currently in German only). According to country or federal state the high peak prices are applicable at different dates, so shunting to another terminal may result in considerable differences of prices. The price per person is including the couchette supplement in night trains. In many trains sleeping car accommodation is available at extra fare. For groups of more than one person often flat fares for an entire compartment are available.

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